Why Medicare Answer Center Doesn’t Ask For Your Phone Number

When I started helping people with Medicare more than ten years ago, I was dismayed at how many people did not fully understand their Medicare options when they first went on Medicare.

Importantly, they did not understand the potential negative consequences on their access to health care and their finances from making a poor Medicare choice.

Finally, far too many people going on Medicare did not understand that the initial choice they made about their Medicare could become a permanent choice they could not change if they had or developed health issues.

I started Medicare Answer Center with the goal of helping as many people as possible fully understand how Medicare works and what their options were with Medicare. By fully understanding their choices, more people could make a better choice and receive better access to health care when they needed it most and not be financially disrupted by thousands of dollars in unplanned if and when they became sick.

2019-08-16 Charles Bradshaw
Charles Bradshaw

At Medicare Answer Center, we take a very different approach than the thousands of high-pressure Medicare sales people who bombard you with unwanted phone calls when you are turning 65.

We provide helpful information about Medicare without asking for your telephone number.

We will only contact you if you request and schedule a no-obligation appointment with us.

Most important, we are not desperate for you to enroll with us. In fact, we only enroll about half of the people we help.

The reason for this is many people already have the coverage that is their best health insurance option and we will tell them this.

We also will continue to help you after you have started Medicare whether that means answering questions you may have or helping you change your Medicare Part D drug plan if your medication needs change.

This is not the case with the Medicare sales people who call you from high-pressure call centers. If you enroll with a high-pressure Medicare call center you are likely to never talk with your agent again.

At Medicare Answer Center we appreciate the privilege of assisting you with learning about your Medicare options so you can make the right permanent Medicare decision.

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I look forward to talking with you soon.

Charles Bradshaw is President and Founder of MedicareAnswerCenter.com.

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