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When you become eligible for Medicare at age 65 – or later if you continue to work past age 65 and choose to stay on your employer’s health insurance – you have the opportunity to obtain outstanding health care at a reasonable and predictable price for the rest of your life.


This outstanding health care – which allows you to choose almost any doctor or hospital in the country – gives you the best chance for best health outcome if you are diagnosed with a serious and threatening health issue.


That means if you ever have a particular type of cancer, you can go on the internet and research which doctor or hospital anywhere in the United States has the most experience and expertise in your exact type and location of cancer and go there for treatment as soon as you are diagnosed.

2019-08-16 Charles Bradshaw
Charles Bradshaw
Unfortunately, far too many people who are going on Medicare for the first time choose a type of Medicare plan that potentially restricts their access to health care when they need it most, limits their choices in doctors and hospitals and requires them to pay thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in unplanned costs when they become sick.
Many people do not realize that with Medicare you often have only one chance to make the right Medicare decision for the rest of your life.
Here are three simple rules you should follow to make sure you make the right Medicare decision during the one chance you have to get it right
1) Never sign your Medicare benefits over to a private, for-profit, restricted access Medicare Replacement plan – also called Medicare Advantage. These plans often say “no” to expensive but needed care in order to make more money for themselves. If you do sign your Medicare over to these private Medicare plans you may be ineligible to get the right Medicare plan at any time the rest of your life.
2) Do not work with an insurance salesman who contacts you without permission. These salesmen often use high-pressure tactics and are usually more trained in sales techniques to get you to buy from them than they are trained in Medicare itself. You should not work with someone who is not committed to helping you understand your Medicare options so you can make the right decision for yourself. The internet gives you plenty of channels to learn about Medicare on your own and choose someone committed to what is best for you and not for them.
3) Choose a Medicare Supplement company that you have heard of before and that has been providing Medicare Supplements at least 10 years. Newer companies are more likely to increase premiums higher than is necessary and you may not be able to change your Medicare Supplement provider in the future. Many of these smaller, newer carriers also offer lower teaser rates when you first go on Medicare but then increase prices much more than other carriers later when you may not be able to change
Below are links to blogs I have written that will give you more insight into how Medicare works so you can make the rightMedicare choice for you:
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